Limiting digits in ArcMap?

Limiting digits in ArcMap?

I am using ArcMap 10.2.

I want to create a land information system, one of the features attribute data includes a citizen id field, it includes 11 digits, for preventing wrong value entering, i want to limit the digit number, so the operators can not enter more than 11 digit in the field of attribute table.

This can be done using a text/string field. You can limit the length to 11 characters.

Alternatively, if you're using ArcGIS, you can set up a range domain. The minimum value would be 10000000000 and the maximum would be 99999999999.

most practical and logical soluiton is creating field as text, citizen id will not be used for any arithmetical process, i tried the solution above but program rounds the number and it can create problem

Watch the video: GIS Tools: ArcMapArcGIS Tool for counting inside features. points